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Ms. Sabrina Brooks was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on November 26, 1966. Sabrina displayed a special passion for excelling in the areas of sports, fashion, invention, and design. She is also a naturally gifted, self-taught painter who specializing in Art for breast cancer.

Her paintings have been referred to as passionate, spiral, and emotional. In 1992, Ms. Brooks was a teacher and boys basketball coach at Washington High School in Milwaukee, WI. She helped to lead the basketball team to a State Championship in 1993 and State Runner-Up in 1997 and 2000. 

Sabrina is a former 1988 Olympic and Pam American Games hopeful, as well as an All-American basketball player while attending Mobley Junior College in 1986. In 1987, she was voted Women's Basketball MVP at the University of Nebraska. Sabrina has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (2000), as well as a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership Quality (2009).

Sabrina Brooks was inspired, motivated, and driven to become a fighter for breast cancer. She formed the Walking 4 Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. as a dedicated Fundraising nonprofit company to help breast cancer organizations raise new funds for their fight against breast cancer. All the things she has done has paid off because as of 2021 she will be inducted into the Wisconsin Hall of Frame. 

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1 in 8 U.S women will be diagnosed with invasive Breast Cancer

The overall death rate of Breast Cancer decreased by 1.3% yearly between 2013-2017